Bryce Li, Cameron Chiu, Raymond Lennon

"To grow your roots is to survive, but how shall I keep my forest friends alive?"

In a hidden forest lives a magical tree, a tree that breathes life into everything
around it. And like the creatures she conjures, she too wants to survive.
Inspired by Shel Silverstein’s "The Giving Tree", Roots is an exercise in giving. It is an allegory for life’s constant balance between altruism and self-preservation.

If your roots aren't strong enough, the wind will destroy your tree! Root yourself into the ground for a higher chance of surviving the storms.

If your branches aren't large enough, wildlife won't grow around you! Grow your branches to make a habitat for your fellow forest friends.

User Interaction

The user interacts with the environment by turning a dial which manipulates the balance between the tree's roots and its branches. The more roots, the more stable the tree becomes. The more branches, the more your tree attracts small critters.


Your branches aren't just for beauty; they are a home for an entire ecosystem of animals! Remember, good deeds don't go ignored, so giving to your community will strengthen your roots!

Wildlife Critters


Life isn't all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes, storms may begin to brew. Will your tree be planted firmly enough to withstand the turbulent winds? How large can you grow your ecosystem before it's too late?


We present to you...Roots!